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Arjun Rampal and Mehr Jesia got divorce

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Arjun Rampal and Mehr Jesia got divorce

Shweta Bishwas November 21, 2019

Arjun Rampal divorce from Mehr Jesia granted;-and daughter’s custody will be with mother

Arjun Rampal And Mehr Jesia

After more than  two decades Relationship Arjun Rampal got divorce from Mehr Jesia. A family court in Bandra granted them divorce by mutual consent on Tuesday.

Principal judge Shailaja Sawant granted the couple divorce under the Special Marriage Act, nearly six months after they had approached the court to dissolve their marriage, by consent, on April 30, 2019. While the exact terms of the divorce are yet to be known, the couple’s two daughters will reside with their mother at their duplex in Bandra.

Information of a split between the couple first emerged in 2011. However it was only on May 28, 2018 that they officially announced their separation. After four months Arjun moved out of their shared home to a rented 2 BHK.

Interfaith marriages are registered under the Special Marriage Act, and any plea for divorce by mutual consent requires the couple to reside separately for a year before they approach the court. “After a petition for divorce by mutual consent is filed, their plea is scrutinized, registered and then, the couple is referred to a marriage counselor to attempt a reconciliation. If that fails, the couple is given six more months to work things out. Six months later, if they are resolute in their decision to part ways and have complied with the terms of divorce mutually agreed to between them, a court draws up a decree of divorce,” an official from Bandra family court told.

The actor-turned-producer who will turn 47 within a week was dating one South African model Gabriella Demetriades. They welcomed their son Arik on July 18, this year. When contacted for a comment, he said, “Why would I want to talk about it? Why is it anyone’s business? I don’t want to talk about it.”