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What should be Diet during pregnancy?

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What should be Diet during pregnancy?

Shweta Bishwas October 23, 2019

A healthy mother can only give birth to a healthy child. And diet plays vital role during pregnancy. Diet during pregnancy decides the overall health of child. Both physical as well as mental growth of a baby depends on diet during pregnancy. Hence pregnancy diet should be chosen wisely because at that point of time you can’t eat much. However make sure whatever you are eating is healthy and nutritious. Below are the lists which you can follow as pregnancy diet:


Calcium plays an important role in pregnancy. Now a day’s anyways doctors give calcium supplements to ladies. But that is not enough for mother and baby. We have to take calcium rich food for the bones development and other requirements. It includes dairy product like milk, yogurt, cheese, seafood,leafy greens, legumes, and dried fruit. So calcium rich product should be included in pregnancy diet


During pregnancy your body makes extra blood for you and your baby. Iron also helps move oxygen from your lungs to the rest of your body and to your baby’s. Lack of iron in body cause anemic to baby or the mother.Iron rich products are green leafy vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, silver beet. Lentils and pulses are also good source of iron. Grains and dried fruits also contain iron in abundance.


Pregnancy diet should include fat as well. But my dear friends eating fat is little tricky, because we have to eat calculated and healthy fat. Because as per the research 30 % of our diet should comprise have fat. But if we won’t eat healthy fat it will cause lot of diseases to your child, which you definitely don’t want. And good source of fat is coconut oil, peanut oil, canola oil etc.


Constipation is one of the most common problems during pregnancy. Because the iron supplement which we take is one of the reason of constipation. So include lot of fiber in your diet. This will help to keep your stomach clear. And if we talk about fiber related food salad, eat whole fruits in spite of juices, drink vegetable juices, sprouts, whole grains, brain etc.


Water anyways we all should consume at each and every stage of life adequately. But during pregnancy we should increase the intake of water.It helps to hydrate your body. Secondly while pregnancy your body temperature is little more than normal. You feel hotter. So it helps               to keep your body flushed.


Main source of energy is found in carbohydrate and your body needs lot of energy during pregnancy. If you are working or if you have other household chores. So never forget to include carbs in your diet. Potato, corn,sweet potato, rice are very good source of carbohydrate.


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