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Night skincare with home products.

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Night skincare with home products.

Jefna Jos July 29, 2019

Hey, beauties… Now let us talk about some night skincare that you have to do with your home ingredients. Night skincare is very essential. It is at night we have to pamper our skin the most. Because at the night we are having enough time to relax. So let us check with what all things we could do night skincare at home.

As the very first step, you have to remove your makeup. So as a cleanser we can use coconut oil. take 5 pr 6 drops of coconut oil in your palm and apply at your face and neck. Massage well in a circular motion. Apply oil on your lips and eyes also. Anf after that take some facewash in hands and gently rub with water till we get the foam from it. And then take the foam and apply to your face. Gently massage and wash it off with some lukewarm water. 

After cleaning it up, let us hydrate our skin with some homemade rose water. Spray rose water evenly and have a quick massage. And then if you want, you can apply some aloe vera gel to your face and neck. At least these have to be done at night. 



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