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Ways to hide the tummy and hips.

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Ways to hide the tummy and hips.

Jefna Jos July 26, 2019

Every ladies love to dress up. But the problem arises when the tummy and hip leads a dress. However, yummies and hips are common among all people. Either you can reduce your tummy fat with exercises and all, or you can hide it. Hiding will be a simple option. well, let us check the dress that hides tummy and hips. 

  • Baggy tops: Loose, baggy tops will help in tucking the tummies. Also, loose tops and tees will be nice seeing it together with skinny jeans.  So next time you shop, remove your eyes from skinny and shapely tops. Go for baggy and loose. 
  • Leggings and tunics combo: Wearing leggings will help in tucking the tummies a bit. Also, hide it with a knee-length tunic. This will be a good combo to attract the eyes. 
  • Jackets: Layering your tummies up with jackets. wearing small or lengthy jackets will reduce seeing your hips. It is a very easy trick to hide the tummy.
  • Asymmetric: Asymmetric design, to an extent, removes belly showing up. This will create an illusion that you are slim enough.
  • Kaftan: Super chick Kaftans will be very helpful in seeing you in perfect shape. 

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