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Tips that plus-size ladies can follow on fashion

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Tips that plus-size ladies can follow on fashion

Jefna Jos July 25, 2019

Happy news for the plus-size ladies. Now you can also be more fashionable than ever.  Come let us look at those tips to be more fashionable. 

  • Wrap dress: Wrap dress work with high hip girls so they will give an hourglass-like shape to your body. It is pretty good in hiding the extra bumps.
  • No-tight clothes: If you wear a tight dress again, it will make you seen fattier. So let us void using tight-fitting dresses.
  • No chunky shoes: For high hipped girls it will be more pretty to wear high heels than chunky shoes. So opt for super hot high heels and say bye to your chunky stuff. 
  • Choose dark color jeans: dark color jeans will make you feel and seem slimmer than before. So, go grab dark-colored jeans.
  • Light on top, dark on bottom: Always follow this rule. Go with light colors on the upper body and dark color for the bottom.
  • Do not go so loose: Avoid using over-sized dress. Use dress in your perfect shape and with comfort. Otherwise, you will seem fattier.
  • Avoid horizontal strips:  If you are using horizontal strips that will make you seem so wide. So, go for vertical stripes if you want stripes.

This is something the plus-size girls to note.

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