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Note this before you buy a Leather Jacket

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Note this before you buy a Leather Jacket

Jefna Jos July 24, 2019

Ladies… We love to wear jackets. A simple jacket can even change the look of the outfit we wear. We are going to discuss the points to remember before buying a leather jacket. 

  • LEATHER: Noting the leather before buying is important because it changes dramatically. These may have thick, thin, hard, super soft, shiny, suede or have a texture and it will be versatile. Leather naturally creases, softens, gets scratched and fade but the right one will create its character.
  • LENGTH: The length is important. If you want to wear it with a dress, you can opt for the cropped jacket. But if you want to pair it with jeans, the large one will be perfect. 
  • HARDWARE: Do check the hardware of the jacket. If you not, a jacket will remain at the wardrobe itself. Neutral colors are somewhat good. 
  • SHOULDER: The shoulder line should be perfect. It does not go beyond or above your shoulder line. It must look perfect like it is made only for you. 
  • LAPEL: DO not go for so funky lapels or collars. Fashion will always change. If you have a normal lapel jacket, you can use it at any time. 

And that is what you have to chek before buying a leather jacket.

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