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AakashaGanga Actress Mayoori, secrets behind her Suicide death

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AakashaGanga Actress Mayoori, secrets behind her Suicide death

Jefna Jos July 23, 2019

There is no chance of forgetting a girl with big round eyes and as we can say as the Traditional Malayalee beauty. Yes, that was Mayoori that still in our hearts as a pain. 

Actress Mayoori entered into the Malayalam Film Industry through “Summer in Bethlehem” movie. And after that, she acted in some movies like “Chandamaam”, “Prem Poojari”, “Arayannangalude Veedu” and Vinayans Super hit Aakashaganga . She got roles but not as a heroine. She appeared in some movies that we people can not forget her role. Even her presence was so special. If she does not have a full-fledged character in the movie, it was not a problem, people will always remember her.

Actress mayoori

Throughout her interviews, it was visible how much she loves her life and films. Mayoori was only 22 when she commits suicide. She went to the other world at her residence at Chennai. 

No one is responsible for her death. She lost her hopes in life so that she is committing suicide. These were in her last note. before her death, she was in medications days before her death. Because of severe stomach ache. She born at Culcutta and in Chennai, she is done her college. At that period only she got chance for her first movie, “Sarvabhauma”.

Actress Mayoori was ver active in film field in 2000-2005. Mostly in Tamil and Kannada industries. 

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