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Obesity: Causes of Child obesity


Obesity: Causes of Child obesity

Jefna Jos July 18, 2019

As we all concerned, children are the assets of the coming generation. One in third is having obesity. There are many reasons for these kinds of disease to enter up into our body. So, let us discuss the causes of child obesity.

Less weighted children are having double risk of health issues. And also overweighted children is at the peak of over-weight and all.  Children became obese or overweighted due to many reasons. 

#Common factors of child obesity: 

  • The first and foremost are genetical factors. It comes hereditary and is high at the risk of being obese. 
  • Lack of physical activity can be considered as a very crucial factor that leads to obesity. Nowadays we people do not want to engage in physical activity. Only we love to do is to simply sit somewhere and watching favorite shows and movies. 
  • An unhealthy eating pattern is the deadliest cause of obesity. Now it is the junk food era. We have much software that helps in bringing us food to our doorstep. So, we always do ordering food from outside. everyone knows that hotel foods are unhealthy and also unhygienic. But we follow the trend. And it al will end up in obesity. 
  • A rare exceptioanal case is due to hormonal imbalance. 

These are the main causes of child obesity. 

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