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Have you ever seen the beautiful daughters of these Bollywood Villains?


Have you ever seen the beautiful daughters of these Bollywood Villains?

Jefna Jos July 17, 2019

Villains are the mirror version of the Protagonist of the movie. The villains are mean, creepy and scary. Villian had had the best of tools and gang. Even though they are creepy and bad, they are the one gives the title for the Hero. If there is no villain, there will be no hero. Anyway,  and now we are going to see the beautiful daughters of these Bollywood villains.

Shakti and Shradha Kapoor

Shakti Kapoor, the Crime Master Gogo’s daughter Shradha Kapoor is on the lead of Bollywood film industry. 

Ranjeet and Divyanka

Ranjeet, famous in his character roles and played more than 200 films. His daughter Divyanka is a jewelry designer.

Danny Pema Denzongpa

Padma Sree Danny is having long 4 decades of film tradition. He married to Sikkimese Princess, Gawa Denzongpa and their daughter is Pema Denzongpa. She leads a simple life and stays away from the limelight.

Kiran and Shrishti Kumar

The very promising actor Kiran’s daughter Shrishti is a fashion stylist and consultant. She labeled her jewelry and clothing as “Sush & Shish”.

Kulbhushan and Shruti

 Kulbhushan is one of the popular villains of Bollywood. His daughter Shruti is a jewelry designer by profession.

Prem Chopra 

Prem Chopra has three daughters, Rakita, Punita, and Prerna. His elder daughter Rakita got married to screenwriter  Rahul Nanda. Punita got married to singer and TV actor Vikas Bhalla. And,  Prerna got married to Bollywood actor Sharman Joshi. 

Raj and Juhi Babbar

Famous actor and politician Raj Babbar has a daughter Juhi. Juhi Babbar is married to TV actor Anup Soni.

Naseeruddin and Heeba Shah

The ever-shining face of Bollywood Nazeeruddin Shah has a daughter Heeba with his ex-wife Manara Sikri. Heeba Shah is actively involved in theatre.

Mohnish and Pranutan Bahl

Monish’s elder daughter Pranutan recently made a debut with a Salman Khan production “Notebook”.

Pran and Pinky Sikand

Pran is a Dadhasaheb Phalke Award winner. He has a daughter Pinky who is married to Vivek Bhalla, a renowned industrialist.

Aditya and Sana Pancholi

Aditya Pancholi is an Indian film actor, producer and playback singer who appears in Bollywood films. His daughter Sana.

Amjad and Ahlam Khan

Ahlam has done many plays including her own.

Dalip Tahil and daughter

beautiful daughters

Dalip Tahil has a very beautiful daughter. Very little was known about her life.

Puneet and Nivriti Issar

beautiful daughters

Puneet was an actor for villainous roles back then. He has a beautiful daughter Nivriti. She is an architect.

Suresh and Meghna Oberoi

beautiful daughters

Suresh Oberoi’s daughter Meghna.

Om and Ritu Shivpuri

beautiful daughters

Om, along with wife Sudha Shivpuri has a daughter Ritu who is also an actress.

Mac Mohan and Manjari, Vinati

beautiful daughters

Mac has two daughters Manjari and Vinati Makijany.

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