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Teenage Tips: Sleep for teens


Teenage Tips: Sleep for teens

Jefna Jos July 15, 2019

Teens sleep is a very important tip to feel fresh and concentrated in every morning.  Teenage is a period of many changes. Physical and many mental changes will occur in teen people. That is why it is important to sleep at good hours.

Researchers say that it is difficult for teens to fall asleep at the right time because of hormonal imbalance that happens at teenage. 9 plus hours of sleep is needed for teenagers for a good day. But, the amount of sleep the teen gets will decrease in older teens.

No offense, your home is having lights. But the actual problem is where the teen kids using some extra lights in their bedroom. These extra lights may include mobile phones, computer, tablets, and television. Teens will be engaged in late night texting and in videos. So, they will be getting only 6 to 7 hours of sleep. But this is a big deal. It can create a clear sleep deficit over time. 

A sleep deficit can have health problems like heart disease and obesity. Also, they will be more depressed, they will be very emotional and will feel difficulty in immunity. 

Setting regular bed and wake up time will be a perfect option to generate good sleeping hours, regularly. Regular exercise also will do better. And also there are things that are to avoid just before bedtime, like caffeine, electronic devices, etc.

You have to create a perfect environment for sleeping. Make your rooms darker and warm will help to fall asleep sooner. Or you can use eyeshades for a quick sleep. Nap before bedtime will do badly for your sleep. So don’t nap 1-2 hours ago bedtime.

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