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Go out with your gang and have BRUNCH


Go out with your gang and have BRUNCH

Jefna Jos July 4, 2019

As the title suggests, brunch is the combination of Breakfast and lunch. If it is in Maths, how will you calculate?

Breakfast + Lunch= BRUNCH

And are served from 10 am to 2 pm at restaurants, regularly accompanying with some alcohol. Usually, this food idea is more common in Western Countries.

Also, ladies are so likely to have this time for brunch parties. And the party started to see in houses too. It is especially for the late morning and early noon. So, people could enjoy their time together. 

Told you, these parties are especially done by ladies. Men will be work and the lady in home may need some time with friends. As a result, brunch styles and makeup had arouse. People follow the makeup look and dressing style while they are going out for the Brunch party.

Mostly, the ladies appears with floral mini dress and jean and crop tops with jackets. Jeans, dress, crop top, skirts, and jackets are commonly used by people. 

in mini dress, the designs and color may vary from season to season. This is the spring season of the year and floral design i swhat highlighted much. Mini dress which is above the knee length is quite often used. The neck designs and sleeves may vary. Most commonly it sis off shoulder dresses are used. Cold shoulder and bell sleeves are also top on rating.

Mini pancake skewers for brunch

The makeup is quite interesting. Usually, no make-up look is popular for these parties. And also it is quite important to shade the lips with dark colors.

This party first arranged at the time of Christmas and Easter. But now it became common for having a party. Style, make-up, and hairstyle is also a good part of this lifestyle.

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