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Growing bonelike spurs at the back of the neck. Blame on the phone, Researchers says.

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Growing bonelike spurs at the back of the neck. Blame on the phone, Researchers says.

Jefna Jos June 21, 2019

This is the era of information and technology. For every of our need, we are depending on our digital devices which provide information that we need. But its time for everyone to care a little bit more while using these devices that it may create many health issues. You may read the article posted by the Washington Post, that it says the shift in body posture creates bone like spurs in the back of the neck.

It was in Thursday that Washington post uploaded this dreadful news. And now the whole world is spinning. 


Researchers at the Sunshine Coast at Queensland, Australia revealed the study. The phone is the one main cause of this. Because we people are always drifting our body posture in order to see or use the phone or laptop. We are well aware of the consequences that will follow.

Young people are tilting their head and moving their body posture. Because they only needs comfort, not our physical health. If we are tilting our chin downward to look to the screen, we will feel pain at the back and neck. This can be called as “Text pain”.

Researchers explains that if we are giving pressure by tilting our chin, there will be pressure in the back and the same pressure extends to the back of the neck. This pressure may result in growing bonelike spurns in the backside of the neck. This happens where the skull and the spinal cord meets at the neck.

David Shahar, the first author nicknames are “up to anyone’s imagination”, because many researchers named it like ‘head horns’, ‘phone bones’, etc.

But also some researchers ate saying that phone cannot considered as the only reason for the spurn.

The research is conducted with the age group of 18-86. The result was, the growth was present in 33 percent of the population. Sahar says that these spurs may take time to develop. Those who feel the neck pain and headache need to care for the future.

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