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Meet World’s Mind-blowing Makeup Illusionist, Dain Yoon

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Meet World’s Mind-blowing Makeup Illusionist, Dain Yoon

Jefna Jos June 20, 2019

What makes your eyes widen, your mouth spell “whoa”. Maybe when you see something that you can’t easily digest. Dain Yoon, very young blood from South Corea amazes the people of this whole world with her mind-blowing illusion makeup.

Dain yoon
Dain Yoon in illusion makeup.

Our real world lies in realities and bonds of technology and digital growth. But in this rapidly growing field, Yoon is bringing up some illusion to our eyes. In 2016, she gave birth to this mind-blowing art which we can see double or triple shades of illusion.

Library illusion
Yoon in library illusion.

Yoon uses her face as the canvas. For that, she says that face is the most powerful medium because she is having only one face as the canvas. Also, one canvas to express her individuality. Dain paints her own skin as a way to express herself. 

Yoon in a cupboard makeup

Sometimes, she blends with  the surrounding, sometimes she will be blur and sometimes she will have more faces.

Dain blended with the surroundings.
She has more faces
Dain blur makeup
Sometimes she is blur

Optical Illusion.

The optical illusion is very powerful. That it may create confusion to look where at first. Yoon painted at other people’s faces. But she felt sorry for them that they have to spend 12 hours to complete the makeup.

She was studying fine arts at the age of 10. And she collaborated with big brands, like Apple and BMW. 

Illusion of little angels 

Her work appeared in the James Cameron movie, “Alita: Battle Angel”. She was realised by public because of her performance and illusion , from instagram. 

In 2017, she painted her fingernail like that of her face giving different expressions. And she cut even her own hair to attach with the face painted nails. The only problem she faces of the nail makeup that she can’t eat noodles!

fingernail makeup
Fingernail makeup

 Yoon will finish the work in one day in her body. For illusion, she first drew an outline, then starts painting. For makeup she uses body paint and cosmetics. She uses makeup brushes and every material that she can use.

But she recently debuted leather pieces at Art palm Springs. They sold on $6000 to $10000 per piece.

Leather pieces painted.
Painted leather pieces.

It was James Turrell, the American artist working with light and space, gave a shock for her. That she was inspired by him that she wanted to give the same shock for others. And then she started illusion makeup. She fixed her signature in this information era. 

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