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‘The Last Supper’ painted in Mural Painting

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‘The Last Supper’ painted in Mural Painting

Jefna Jos June 13, 2019

Mural painting has its origin many years ago. It is the art which paints directly on to the walls. Mural painting, especially in Kerala has a story to say about its traditions too. Murals have used walls and ceilings for transforming art. The main fact is that it is natural colors were used for mural paintings. You may wonder how to use natural colors for painting. It’s true. Before that, in the mural painting, little color variants are used. This includes bright colors like yellow, red, blue, green and orange. White color is not used, so instead of painting it white, they leave it unpainted.

Last supper in Mural Painting

Last Supper in Mural Painting

At the very beginning of Mural art, Hindu themes were commonly used. Like, Krishna, Radha, Peacock, etc. Still, most of the subject of the mural painting is Hindu mythologies. It is the first time, Last Supper is painted in mural. It brings the fact that no art is bounded to any particular religion. 

Here, the painting done using a canvas, instead walls and ceiling. The colors used in this are yellow, orange, brown, blue, green, and its tints. As the speciality of Murals, curves are its highlights. The shapes and curves are what distinguishes murals from any other modes of painting.

The Last Supper

The above image is  what we are familiar with the Last Supper. Unbound with religious beliefs and all, mural art is now becoming popular in every stream. Da Vinci’s last supper is what we are familiar with ‘Last supper’.  

Krishna and Radha in Mural Painting
Peacock in Mural Painting

Peacock in the above picture can be considered as the typical example for the designs used in murals. Curves are the main element which makes this art form unique. The tints of color used in every corner define this Traditional art.