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Gothic Architecture still grandeur in every hearts

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Gothic Architecture still grandeur in every hearts

Jefna Jos June 13, 2019

Churches and cathedrals have some magical powers to make us feel relaxed. We may not wanted to knee down and to pray, only we need to sit back for sometime. It is not only in churches and cathedrals, but also the places which will give sanity. 

Architecture is always a mark of culture. Please note, the ancient culture. The ancient culture reveals ancient architecture and the skills of people. But still, ancient architecture defines the early glory.  

The architecture was first used in Cathedrals and churches. Yet, these cathedrals are blooming with the ancient grandeur. Those cathedrals are on the earth to showcase the traditional artwork.

Inside, an alter

Inside architecture of a cathedral
a beautiful walkway

Gothic architecture is a style that flourished in Europe in the Middle Ages. Begins in the 12th century, this is commonly used in Cathedrals and Churches until the 16th century.

Arches and curves in Gothic architecture

Gothic architecture and features

  • Rib vault
  • Height
  • Portals and tympanum
  • Flying buttress
  • Towers and
  • Stained glass
  • Rose window
  • Bible stories on exterior
  • Pointed arch

Facade of Notre Dame de Paris, facade begun about 1200

Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris was evidence of Gothic architecture. Gothic art derived from Islamic architecture. Gothic is first considered as negative, because, suggesting barbaric. But, now it is considered as “Gothic Style” which was an introduction towards a new style.

The origin of Goth ended up in the development of different strata. There were High Gothic, Rayonnant Gothic and Flamboyant Gothic. Just like there are French Gothic, English, Northern European Gothic and Southern European Gothic. In Italy too there was Cathedrals and churches with Gothic architecture.  Islamic and Arabian influence is clear in many architecture.