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Grass straw to defeat the villain Plastic

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Grass straw to defeat the villain Plastic

Jefna Jos June 8, 2019

In olden days, nature was our resource provider. Vietnam reduces plastics by using grass straws. But today for the ease, plastic had entered to our lifestyle. In addition, when plastic straws begin to decompose, they release harmful toxins such that pollute our oceans.

A new step by a Vietnamese man named Tran Minh Tien has shown how a ‘Leprionia articulate’ a kind of grass that is prolific around the Mekong Delta in Vietnam is converted into drinking straws. These straws do not contain any chemicals and preservatives. And very importantly, they are biodegradable.

First, they collect the stems of grass, which are washed and then cut into 20-centimeter lengths. The tubes are then cleaned on the inside using a metal rod. After another round of washing, the straws are bundled together and finally wrapped in banana leaves. These straws can be used as dried and can be used for 6 months.

These grass straws, which have a natural smell, can only available in Vietnam at the moment. Rest of the world could experience it in the future.